Five Reasons To Hire An Architect When Building A Home

Professional Assistance Ensures Quality Outcome

Building Your Dream Home-The first step in building a new home is to create a list of things you would like. The Architect will then assess the feasability of whatever you propose, and will inform you of the pros and cons of different options including materials, designs themes, and other aspects of construction. You will be able to assess the approximate costs associated with the various choices.

Budget-To avoid going over budget on your home building project, utilize the expertise of an Architect who will help you formulate a plan that takes into consideration all the aspects of the project. Then you can create a realistic Project Budget and Timeline, and the Architect will help you stay within that Budget.

Building Permit-To get a Building Permit you need Architecturally Engineered Drawings. Contractors don’t make Drawings, Architects do. Architecture and construction are two distinct professions—each is regulated separately by State laws.

General Contractors-An Architect will help you find a qualified and reliable General Contractor. This is a crucial component of staying within the Timeline and Budget for the Project. Architects usually have a great deal of experience working with local General Contractors as well as Sub-Contractors, and so they can provide valuable references—this can make all the difference between a dream home or a nightmare experience.

Overall Vision-An Architect’s expertise is invaluable in developing and refining your vision, and by understanding the scope of the project, making sure you get a home that meets your needs and your Budget while also capturing the character and style of a home you desire, integrating materials, features, and the decor you choose.