Sustainable Home Building / Green Tips-Save Energy and Money

Energy Efficient Green Building Design Pays For Itself Over Time

  • Sustainable Home Design includes a variety of factors that will have long-term benefits for your wallet as well as the Earth. An Architect can advise you of many options to help create an efficient home design that is optimal for your location and local environment. Smart choices can save you significant money throughout the life of your home.
  • Energy and Resources-A goal of green building is to minimize energy dependence and maximize resource efficiency. A truly energy efficient home functions like a living thing that responds to the climate and environment. There are many subtle environmental factors to consider, and an Architect knows how to discern these many elements.
  • Solar-An Architect will help you add high-tech photovoltaic solar panels without harming the architectural charm of your home. You don’t have to go completely off the grid to save a great deal of money, and in fact the switch to solar can be suprprisingly affordable, with tax rebates and other cost-saving incentives often available. Homes may also generate more power than they use, and some communities allow you to sell the energy to the power company.
  • Installing a solar or passive water heater is a good place to start, improving your home’s energy efficiency. The more you home is powered by the sun, the better it is for your pocketbook as well as the planet.
  • Eco-Friendly-Some considerations in the overall greening of the home include energy efficient windows, insulation, eco-friendly paints, and the use of local, recycled, and non-toxic materials. An eco-friendly home is designed to be environmentally sensitive to the Earth as well as the homeowner.
  • Harmonize With the Site-An Architect will help you take advantage of sunlight, air flow, and other factors in order to utilize the home site to the best advantage, optimizing the benefits of these factors. A well-designed home blends into the landscape, using efficient ventilation systems that minimize the need for heating and/or air conditioning.
  • Efficient Architecture allows you to incorporate sustainable home design to save energy and resources while also lowering your costs as well as your impact on the environment.