Ten Ways An Architect Will Improve Your Project

Start With An Architect

Some people who want to build a home make the mistake of calling a construction contractor before they consult with an Architect, yet this is what Architects do! They have a well-thought process to help you build a home. Here are the reasons you should always talk to an Architect first.

  • Customer Satisfaction-An Architect seeks to meet the desires of the customer by delivering a functional custom home that suits the owner’s particular needs.
  • Aesthetics-An architect will help you create a sensible and pleasing building that can be enoyed by the occupants as well as those who see it. Designing a building that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional is what Architects do best.
  • Understanding the Project-An Architect anticipates potential problems before they occur, and when unforseen problems do occur during construction, an Architect will design and develop efficient and cost-saving solutions.
  • Cost Efficiency-An Architect will utilize your budget in the most efficient way to deliver a quality product. Also important is monitoring the Budget at the various stages of the home-building process to ensure you stay on track and the project gets finished.
  • Laws and Building Codes-An Architect is knowledgeable about complying with all building laws including local building codes and zoning ordinances. This avoids the major and costly pitfall of having to make changes after construction begins.
  • Building Permit-An Architect will help guide you through the potentially arduous process of getting a Buidling Permit, which requires approvals by numerous departments and agencies.
  • Project Management-An Architect will help you find a qualified and dependable General Contractor and SubContractors as well other members of the Project Team who will some role in the design, engineering, and construction of the home. An Architect’s expertise is invaluable in coordinating the various tradespeople and professionals who must work together for a high quality final product.
  • Inspections-An Architect will help you pass the varous county inspections required during construction. These inspections include Foundation, Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall and Final Inspection. An Architect’s oversight here ensures that things go smoothly with County officials.
  • Environment-An Architect takes into account the home’s general environment (e.g., views, air flow, sunlight), and by incorporating these natural elements the site’s topography is utilized to the best advantage of the site while mitigating any difficulties using good design solutions to minimize energy and maintainence requirements.