Twelve Ways An Architect Saves You Money and Adds Value

Why You Should Use An Architect To Build Your Home

  • Knowledge-Architects provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the complicated process of designing and buiding a home.
  • Assessment-An Architect will listen carefully to your needs and desires for your home, then assess the situation and make suggestions.
  • Efficiency-An Architect will help you find the most economical way to achieve your goals.
  • Choices-If you don’t know exactly what you want, an Architect will be able to provide you with a range of choices within your budget. Then you can narrow these choices down and make a thoughtful decision.
  • Budget-An Architect will help you stay within budget. Home building projects often go over budget due to poor planning if the owner neglects to benefit from the expertise of an Architect.
  • Phases of the Project-An Architect will guide you through the many phases in the process of building a home, including selecting a home site, planning and designing the home, creating a Building Budget, and helping to choose a qualified and dependable team to build the home.
  • Timeline-An Architect will help you meet the Timeline you have set for the project, which will help the project stay within the Budget. Projects with poor planning and without the benefit of an Architect often suffer from lengthy delays. These delays tend to cost a great deal of money-often enough money to cover an Architect’s fee.
  • Education-An Architect will educate you on various components of the home you are building including options for building materials, interior design, appliances, fixtures, and other features of the home.
  • Considerations-An Architect will help you consider all of the aspects of the project (e.g., air circulation, sunlight, views, landscape design) that are important in the overall design of your home. Good choices will complement the home. There are many subtle factors in the home building process with implications that are fully understood only by an Architect.
  • Certified Blueprints-An Architect will prepare Technical Drawings of the home. These Blueprints include all proper Specifications, ensuring that the home plans are approved by the local Building Department and granted a Building Permit.
  • Coordination of the Project Team-An Architect helps coordinate the project team through the many phases of the home building process. By regularly checking on the building progress, the Architect facilitates the contractors, engineers, tradespeople, suppliers, landscape architects, and interior designers.
  • Quality Assurance-A good Architect is invaluable for assuring the highest standards are met by all the members of the Project Team (e.g., the Contractor and Sub-Contractors), and for making sure that all of the detailed specifications in the Bluerints are followed.
  • Oversight/Supervision-An Architect’s oversight of the construction progress helps ensure that all of the inspections by county officals go well. The required series of offical inspections during construction begins with the Foundation Inspection and ends with the Final Inspection that results in a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Maintenance-An Architect will provide you with knowledge about how to maintain your new home.