What Does An Architect Do?

From Site Planning To Custom Home Design

  • An Architect consults with their client and then designs a home or a home improvement that suits the client’s needs. This is done to the best advantage of the site and also within the client’s budget.
  • During Pre-Planning you will communicate your needs and preferences to your Architect who will then ascertain your needs and develop appropriate design solutions. For example, things to consider are your lifestyle, need for privacy, potential future uses of the home, whether you like to entertain, family size, outdoor needs (e.g., gardening), and your general movements and interactions within the home.
  • By facilitating your ability to articulate what appeals to you—both functionally and aesthetically, an Architect will design a home that reflects your philosophy and meets all of your requirements.
  • Pre-Design services provided by an Architect may result in substantial savings on the project. For example, a property that seems to be offered for a good price may have unseen difficulties (e.g., soil or drainage problems). An Architect may also determine that a difficult site may actually be suitable for a great home when creative Architectural design solutions are applied, and thus you may save a great deal of money if the lot is less expensive.
  • An Architect will make sure your ideas are fully developed before construction to avoid changes once construction is underway, which can be very expensive. Avoiding costly mistakes very early in the process is the key to saving money and staying within budget.
  • An Architect can help you realize substantial savings by designing an efficient home for your needs and then referring you to a reliable General Contractor who can complete the project, with the oversight of the Architect, thus ensuring quality materials and workmanship are provided at a fair price.
  • An Architect provides Blueprints for submission to the local Building Department in order to obtain a Building Permit. These Certified Plans will include specifications and schedules containing the specific window and door sizes and many other details to guide the construction of the home.
  • An Architect designs a home that meets the requirements of all local building codes, thus ensuring the home’s overall quality and structural integrity. The home will also follow all zoning ordinances and homeowner’s association covenants. By adhering to the many mandatory standards and requirements, the Architect ensurest that the home plans will be granted a Building Permit when they are submitted for approval.
  • By designing an efficient home for your needs, an Architect provides you long term savings in energy use as well as maintenance of your home.
  • An Architect provides supervision during construction, depending on the particular contract. This assures that all the members of the project team adhere to the plans and specifications.